An ideal location

DanTysk is located 70 km away from the island of Sylt. The turbines cannot be seen either from the mainland or from Sylt, even in perfect weather conditions. When choosing the location, it was important to ensure that shipping channels would remain clear and that nature reserves for marine birds and other sea animals would be taken into consideration. The site is also close to the Danish port of Esbjerg, which has been proven to be an effective maintenance base for the offshore wind industry. The waters in the area surrounding DanTysk reach a depth of 21 to 32 metres.

The right ground

Exploratory studies of the site's soil showed that the ground within the project zone was predominantly covered with medium-thick to thick layers of sand. In order to guarantee the wind turbines could be firmly and securely installed, the geological composition of each individual turbine site was examined. These results led to the optimal construction of each of the turbines' foundation piles, which will be installed in water with a depth of 21 to 32 metres. For the DanTysk wind farm, this means deciding on the best 80 turbine installation sites; a task which is just as complex as it is important.

Wind and waves

Perfect wind conditions – and knowing plenty about them – forms the basis for the sound planning and efficient operation of a wind farm. The prevailing south-westerly winds blow at an average speed of 10 metres per second, which, when combined with the elongated shape of the wind farm, ensures optimal operational efficiency. The results of a comprehensive analysis of wave height and direction played a crucial role in the construction of the foundation piles and turbine towers. Together with the speed and direction of the current, the consistency of the ground soil and the requirements set out by government agencies, these are the factors used to design the wind farm's 'layout'.

Wind farm layout

The optimal exploitation of wind resources by each individual wind turbine is the main aim when designing the wind farm's layout. A shadowing effect on subsequent turbines is kept to an absolute minimum by carefully planned turbine layout. Each of DanTysk's turbines will be installed around 800 to 1000 metres from the next. What's more, Germany's most northerly turbine will be one of DanTysk's.

DanTysk coastal map