Facts & Chronology

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Site: 70 kilometres west of the island of Sylt
  • Area: 70 square kilometres
  • Water depth: 21 to 32 metres
  • Turbines: 80 Siemens wind turbines classed at 3.6 megawatts
  • Foundations: monopiles (foundation piles)
  • Rotor diameter: 120 metres
  • Hub height: 88 metres
  • Total height: 148 metres
  • Total output: 288 megawatts
  • Production: 1.3 billion KWh per year (this means that energy can be supplied to up to 400,000 homes at an average usage of 3,500 KWh)
  • Construction due to commence: December 2012
  • Commissioning due: early 2014
  • Total investment: over 1 billion euros
  • Joint Venture: Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München

Chronology of the DanTysk wind farm


Geo GmbH starts preparation work for authorisation proceedings

2003 – 2005

Comprehensive surveys carried out to examine the possible impact of the project on the environment in the planned construction zone

23 August 2005

Approval granted by the relevant department (German Office for Seafaring and Hydrography) for the construction of 80 wind turbines and two sub/converter stations

April 2007

Vattenfall purchases the project from Geo GmbH

Summer 2009

Geotechnical site surveys carried out at all sites

October 2010

Signing of turbine delivery contract
Siemens will deliver 80, 3.6-MW turbines

November 2010

The DanTysk Offshore Wind GmbH joint venture is formed with Stadtwerke München

January 2011

Agreement reached with transmission system operator Tennet for unrestricted access to the grid connection

July 2011

Contracts signed with five major suppliers:

  • Siemens delivers 80, 3.6-MW turbines.
  • Construction of the offshore substation will be carried out by the Dutch consortium Strukton/Hollandia.
  • The Danish shipping company Swire Blue Ocean will provide an installation ship for turbine assembly.
  • The Danish joint venture Aarsleff Bilfinger Berger is contracted for the design, construction and installation of the 80 foundations.
  • The Dutch hydraulic engineering company Visser & Smit Marine Contracting takes over responsibility for the wind farm’s cable system.

January 2012

First construction work on the turbine elements begins

3 May 2012

Start of steel works for Monopiles

6 June 2012

DanTysk's contracts construction vessels: crew transfer vessel and guard vessel

14 August 2012

Production of interarray cabling for DanTysk has started

23 October 2012

Contract signing for offshore accomodation platform with Nobiskrugs (Kiel)

23 November 2012

The first offshore operations begin with scour protection

8 February 2013

Offshore installation starts on one of Europe’s largest wind farms

13 March 2013

First monopile foundation in place

3 April 2013

The world's largest installation vessel is officially named

30 July 2013

A substation becomes seaworthy

2 August 2013

Offshore substation installed

13 December 2013

All foundations at DanTysk in place

10 April 2014

First wind turbine erected at DanTysk offshore wind farm

1 July 2014

Halftime for DanTysk: 40 wind turbines erected

11. August 2014

Offshore-Windpark Sandbank: Vattenfall and Stadtwerk München continue the successful partnership

28 August 2014

All wind turbines are erected

4 December 2014

Offshore wind farm DanTysk supplies first electricity

30 April 2015

Official commissioning with the Federal Minister of Economy and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, and the Swedish Minister for Economy and Innovation Mikael Damberg

For more up-to-date developments on the wind farm’s construction, see the DanTysk project log.