Technology & Ships

Top performance at sea

The DanTysk offshore wind farm's location, situated several miles away from the coast, means working in waters of considerable depths, ranging from 21 to 32 metres. This creates high demands in terms of technology, logistics and operation. The 80, 3.6-megawatt wind turbines, which are supplied by Siemens, will be anchored deep into the ocean floor and connected to each other and the substation via submarine cables. The sun may not always shine but construction work will continue even during high waves and adverse wind and weather conditions. The enormous structural challenges posed by this project will be dealt with by an experienced team who have a pioneering spirit, as well as through use of special technology, machines and tools.

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In order to ensure the 148 metre high wind turbines can be sturdily and securely installed within the North Sea, the construction's foundations will be anchored into the sea floor to a depth of up to 32 metres.
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Wind Turbines

Once the DanTysk wind farm is completed, 80 wind turbines over an area of 70 square kilometres will be using their vast rotor blades to turn the powerful North Sea wind into green energy
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Cables form the lifeline of the DanTysk wind farm. They ensure that the electricity produced at sea can be transferred from the wind turbines to the substation and from there to the mainland.
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The 155/33 kilovolt offshore substation is the lynchpin of the DanTysk wind farm. It forms the gateway for the onward transport of energy to the mainland via submarine cables.
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Ports & Ships

After the complex planning and authorisation phase comes the real logistical feat. The construction of an offshore wind farm requires close attention to detail; all procedures need to be precisely coordinated and many specially-adapted tools and technologies – such as a specially-built ships – are used.
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Betrieb und Service

Operation & Maintenance

A maintenance crew will be working on the wind farm almost every day of the year during the farm's 20-year operational phase. Their work will be restricted during the winter months as adverse weather conditions make working offshore more difficult.
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