17.12.2014 - Project Log

The marriage of the offshore hotel

The experts' name for it – a 'marriage of the sections' – is due to the fact that it involves the coming together of large parts. But what exactly does this entail? We asked our colleague Petja Stoever, Subproject Manager for Offshore Accommodation at DanTysk, to explain to us what this actually means.

First, some brief background information: The DanTysk offshore wind farm is being equipped with a residential platform that will provide a safe place for operations and service staff to stay during the operational phase. As the wind farm is located 90 km from the coast, it would take too long to travel by boat from the coast to the wind farm every day,  which is why a residential platform is being installed on the wind farm, standing in very close proximity to the transformer station. Covering an area of 35 m x 35 m, the platform can accommodate a total of 50 people, housed in individual cabins on six levels.

To create a structure of this size out of steel, different subsections must first be manufactured simultaneously, before being joined together to create larger sections. At the end of November, the three large sections were ready for their 'marriage', held at the Nobiskrug shipyard in Kiel: the three-storey base section with a height of approx. 20 metres, and the two attachments with two or three stories that contain the cabins.

Over a two-day period, the attachment elements were lifted onto the base section using the large Kiel shipyard crane, meaning that the building shell of the offshore hotel is now complete, or as the experts say: "married".  "This moment is just as special for an offshore project as it is in our real lives. You can now really see the shape of the building. However, we have still got a lot of work to do, as the interior fixtures and fittings for the technological equipment and the living area must now be installed within the next few months," says Petja Stoever.

The residential platform at the wind farm is scheduled to be completed in spring 2015.

Picture gallery for the 'marriage of the sections'.