19.04.2013 - Project Log

Progress is made offshore

The first eight foundation piles have now been securely installed with the help of the Seafox5 installation vessel. Harsh winter weather and low temperatures led to a slight delay in the progress of offshore work. Nonetheless, the building project is still running to schedule as allowances for periods of poor weather were factored into the original construction plan.

The German Air Rescue service (DRF) was also in action offshore, testing rescue helicopter procedures to ensure crew are familiar with each and every manoeuvre in the event of an emergency. The rescue team abseiled down from the helicopter onto the safety ship located within the construction site – a procedure referred to by personnel as 'hoisting'. The crew were rehearsing rescue operations for a casualty within the vicinity of research platform 3, which has been cleared for use by the DRF as an emergency landing pad. "It is crucial that our rescue personnel practice in realistic situations as it is the only way for them to be able to truly memorise the procedures", said Stefan Kahlen, Health and Safety Manager at DanTysk... One crew member recorded his experience using a helmet camera. The resulting footage can be seen in this video: