10.04.2013 - Project Log

The first nacelles arrive in port

Instantly recognisable: the 'Dan Tysk' wind farm logo, along with the names of the project's two main partners, adorn the metal casing of the nacelles.

You can only appreciate the sheer size of each nacelle when you get up close. They will shortly take their place in the North Sea, towering 88 metres above the water. Measuring 12 metres in length, a single wind turbine nacelle is about the same size as a school bus. The first pair of 150-tonne nacelles have now arrived at the central port of Esbjerg. In the coming weeks and months theses two units will be joined by a total of 78 nacelles. All of the models are produced in Siemens' Danish plant in Brande before being transported to Esbjerg on an articulated lorry – a journey lasting just a few hours. A number of storage areas have already been prepared at Esbjerg Port for the storage of the nacelles and other turbine components. In November last year a construction management office for the wind farm project was set up in an existing Vattenfall office currently used by the company's Danish employees. This on-site team is now charged with the task of ensuring that work is carried out smoothly and that all preparations for the installation of the turbines (set to begin this summer) are completed accordingly.

The nacelles (also known as gondolas) contain the turbine's core elements, such as the gear box, generator and the automatic controller which ensures the rotor is positioned at the correct angle in relation to the wind.