Project Log

13. March 2013 - Project Log

First monopile foundation in place

An historical moment: the morning of 28 February marked the insertion of the first monopile foundation, number 75, at the DanTysk construction site. After around a two-hour installation period on a cold and foggy Thursday morning, the first monopile foundation was driven into the sandy seabed. It...Read more

08. February 2013 - Project Log

First foundations loaded

The first four foundations have now been safely loaded onto the installation vessel Seafox 5 in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Our photographer was at the scene and was able to capture some impressive night shots. Take a look at some of the first pictures, taken before its maiden voyage out to the...Read more

08. February 2013 - Press Releases

Construction starts on one of Europe’s largest wind farms

Offshore construction work has started on the DanTysk offshore wind farm in the North Sea. Vattenfall and its partner Stadtwerke München plan to invest a little over 1 billion EUR in the wind farm, which is expected to supply 400,000 German homes with renewable power by 2014. Read more

10. December 2012 - Project Log

Everything ready to go live ... not quite

The construction of the offshore transformer station in the large installation hall is coming on in leaps and bounds. The external part of the building, with dimensions of 36 metres by 42 metres, has almost been completed. The installation works on all three decks and on all main technical...Read more

30. November 2012 - Project Log

High-speed production in Roermond and Rostock

In total, 70,000 tons of quality steel from Dillinger Hütte in the Saarland are currently being manufactured to establish the foundations for the DanTysk wind farm. More than 50 parts for these foundations, in various stages of production, are currently being manufactured at Sif in the Dutch city...Read more

23. November 2012 - Project Log

The first offshore operations begin

Rocky – but not a rocky road: Before the foundation piles can be installed, several layers of loose rock are being mounted on the seabed to surround each of the 80 turbine positions. This is necessary to prevent the sandy soil surrounding the foundation piles being washed away by the current during...Read more

23. October 2012 - Press Releases

Vattenfall and SWM have commissioned the accommodation platform for DanTysk offshore wind farm.

From 2014 onwards, quiet rooms with a shower, internet access and a TV will make everyday life more comfortable for the members of the DanTysk Wind Farm maintenance team – right in the middle of the harsh North Sea. Vattenfall and the Stadtwerke Munich have now commissioned the Schleswig-Holstein...Read more

28. September 2012 - Project Log

The first eight are ...

... in full-size and in colour. They are the first transition pieces, or connectors, which firmly hold the wind turbine towers and the foundations together.In total, 80 of these bright yellow items are being manufactured in Hoboken, Belgium. The steel blanks are transported downriver on barges to...Read more

14. August 2012 - Project Log

Production of interarray cabling for DanTysk has started

The cable stranding machines for DanTysk have been running since the start of July. This means that the production of internal park cabling has got underway in Tønsberg in Norway at the company Parker Scanrope. The interarray cabling will connect the 80 wind turbines of the DanTysk wind farm with...Read more

14. June 2012 - Project Log

Transformers arrive after a four-week journey

After four weeks of travel along Europe's inland waterways, the two transformers from Slovenia finally arrived in Rotterdam in the middle of June, where they were unloaded. Once hoisted up by a floating crane, it's hard to imagine that one of these transformers is roughly the size of a bus and...Read more

06. June 2012 - Project Log

DanTysk's contracts construction vessels

Two key vessels required to carry out secondary tasks during construction of DanTysk were recently contracted for the project through an experienced shipping company: a crew transfer vessel, which can transport up to 12 individuals, and a guard vessel, which will be tasked with patrolling the...Read more

03. May 2012 - Project Log

Work begins on steel components for foundation piles

Initial construction work has begun on the steel components which will be used in the farm's foundations. The steel is produced in Germany in the town of Dillinger Hütte in Saarland before being processed into heavy plate. These plates are now being cut, rolled and welded together in sections to...Read more

25. April 2012 - Project Log

Installation ship construction running to plan

The construction of the Pacific Osprey installation ship, a vessel planned for use on the DanTysk project, is running to schedule. The Pacific Osprey is one of the the world's largest installation vessels and is currently under construction in the South-Korean shipyard of Samsung Heavy...Read more

20. April 2012 - Project Log

Transformers pass their 'stress test' with flying colours

The offshore substation will be fitted with not one but two transformers. The devices were put through their paces at their production facility, with brilliant results; the transformers met each and every requirement. Each of the two transformers weighs 225 tonnes and they deliver a collective...Read more

19. March 2012 - Press Releases

Vattenfall begins construction work on substation for the DanTysk offshore wind farm

The first construction phase of the DanTysk offshore wind farm project, run by Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM), is now underway with the construction of the wind farm's substation. The substation will be built in the Netherlands close to Rotterdam by the joint venture SHJV which involves...Read more

Here you can find updates on the construction phases and individual steps involved in the realisation of the DanTysk offshore project.