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DanTysk Offshore Wind Farm: all main suppliers on board

Van Oord signs DanTysk cable contract

For their collective offshore DanTysk wind farm project, which is due to be built in the North Sea 70 km off the island of Sylt, Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) have now signed contracts with all five of their main suppliers. The farm's internal cabling will be carried out by the Dutch hydraulic engineering company van Oord. The contract was signed in Hamburg

The company agreed to provide services which include planning, supplying, installing and pulling of the cables into the 80 steel foundations. The cables used will reach a combined length of 111 kilometres. The farm's internal network of cables will connect the 80 wind turbines to the offshore substation.

"In Van Oord, we've managed to gain a partner who is reliable and very experienced in the offshore sector. The deciding factor for the bid's acceptance was the company's fleet of vessels which will ensure efficient, and thus cost-effective, installation. Van Oord's professionalism was evident throughout the entire negotiation process", said Georg Friedrichs, Head of Vattenfall's Offshore Wind Division. This internationally active company will be able to bring extensive experience in the field of offshore wind farm construction to the table. Van Oord's portfolio includes Germany's first offshore wind farm, Alpha Ventus, which is operated by Vattenfall and its partners.

The first cables will be installed in spring 2013 with the entire operation lasting a total of six months. The entire length of the cable can be loaded onto Van Oord's specially-designed vessel in four partial loads before being inserted into the sea floor, with the help of a submarine robot fitted with a jet plough, to a depth of around 1.5 metres. Submarine cables are built to be extremely robust in order to keep costly maintenance work to an absolute minimum from the outset.
The copper cables which will be installed in the DanTysk wind farm are designed for 33 kilovolt AC voltage and are 120, 300 or 500 square millimetres thick. In addition to these three sections, the cables are also fitted with fibre optics which allow data to be exchanged between the turbines and the substation during operation, as well as allowing the turbines to be monitored and remotely controlled by the team at the control centre in the Danish town of Esbjerg.
A steel wire casing with an outer plastic layer protects the 10 to 14-centimetre-wide cable against any mechanical stresses. A group of ten turbines will be switched on in turn and connected to the substation, which is located within the 71-square-kilometre wind farm. The turbines will be installed at a distance of 1,000 metres from each other.

The DanTysk Wind Farm
The DanTysk Wind Farm is a joint venture project of Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH (51%) and Stadtwerke München (49%). Vattenfall is responsible for the construction and operation of the wind farm which, with a total output of 288 megawatts, should generate enough electricity to power 400,000 homes by the end of 2013. The total sum invested in the wind farm project stands at over 1 billion euros.

About Vattenfall
Vattenfall is a leading European power company and the second largest operator of offshore wind farms. Today Vattenfall provides electricity and heating to 7.5 million customers in Scandinavia and Central Europe and supplies gas to 2 million customers. As part of its future business strategy, Vattenfall aims to considerably reduce its CO2 emission levels in the coming years. The expansion of renewable energy is a key element of this strategy, particularly biomass and wind energy.

Stadtwerke München
Stadtwerke München (SWM) is one of Germany's largest energy providers and infrastructure companies. SWM plans to produce enough green energy using its own power facilities by 2025 to cover the entire energy needs for the city of Munich (roughly 7.5 billion kilowatt hours per year) With this, Munich would become the first city in the world with over 1 million inhabitants to have reached this target. Wind energy will play an important role in helping achieve this goal.

Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors
Van Oord is a leading international hydraulic engineering company that specialises in ship building and dredging, as well as elements key to the offshore industries such as oil, gas and wind energy. Van Oord is a family business with its headquarters in the city of Rotterdam and offices worldwide. It has 4,600 employees working across 50 countries.

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