26.01.2011 - Press Releases

'DanTysk' offshore wind farm confirms grid connection

In 2012 Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) will begin construction work on the 'DanTysk' offshore wind farm located in the North Sea roughly 70 kilometres west of the island of Sylt. The responsible transmission system operator, Tenne T, has now agreed to supply an unrestricted grid connection for the planned 288 megawatt farm.

Georg Friedrichs, Head of Offshore Wind Division at Vattenfall said: "This agreement to supply unrestricted grid access is a huge success for the project and an important step along the way to its realisation. We are delighted to have Tenne T on board as it gives us the security of knowing that we will be able to feed our green energy into the German grid system. This is also a sign of recognition from the network operator that we have carried out our planning for this project effectively and that we are running to schedule. For Vattenfall and our partner Stadtwerke München, this signifies another step towards achieving our personal goal of significantly reducing our CO2 emissions."

The grid connection in question will be a cable link between the DanTysk wind farm's transformer platform and the substation in Büttel. To do this, Tenne T is planning to build the 'SylWin alpha' converter platform on the site of the DanTysk wind farm, in addition to installing 205 kilometres of submarine and land cables.
The Dutch consortium Strukton/Hollandia was commissioned to build DanTysk's offshore substation in December 2010. The facility will receive the electricity produced by the wind farm's 80 Siemens 3.6 MW turbines, convert it from 33 KV to 155 KV and transfer it on to the 'SylWin alpha' high-voltage power transmission converter station. Tenne T's converter station will enable a low-loss transfer of electricity to the mainland by transforming the power from AC to DC voltage. The electricity will then be fed into the German extra-high voltage grid.
In order to meet the requirements for grid connection, a wind farm contractor must show that the project has been fully authorised, which includes proof of a construction site soil survey, a construction plan, a signed turbine supplier contract, as well as a plausible and binding funding agreement for the project.

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