17.02.2011 - Press Releases

The world's largest installation ship contracted for the DanTysk offshore wind farm project

Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) have moved yet another step closer to beginning construction work on their collaborative offshore wind farm project, DanTysk, which will be built in the North Sea close to the island of Sylt. On 17 February 2011 a contract was signed with the Danish shipping company Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) for use of an installation ship for the transport and installation of the site's 80 Siemens wind turbines. SBO has commissioned Samsung's South Korean shipyard to build the world's largest offshore wind farm installation vessel. Only recently, the transmission systems operator Tenne T agreed to provide unrestricted grid access for the DanTysk project.

SBO, a subsidiary of the international Swire Group, impressed the panel during the bidding process with its design concept for the construction of DanTysk. The installation ship is due to be completed by summer 2012 and will be called 'Pacific Orca'. Its specific design means that this modern vessel can operate in almost all weather conditions, in accordance with the latest safety standards. It will feature its own engine, which can generate speeds of up to 13 knots, and will be able to transport up to 12 wind turbines with pre-assembled towers simultaneously. An improved level of stability, achieved through the implementation of six legs and a jacking function for water up to a depth of 75 m means that the installation vessel will be capable of anchoring turbines onto the foundations installed in the North Sea even with extremely high waves of up to 2.5 metres and a wind speed of up to 20 metres per second.

The vessel's main crane is designed to support a load of up to 1,200 tonnes and the ship will have a loading capacity of up to 8,400 tonnes. The vessel will be built and operated in accordance with the latest environmental regulations. The Pacific Orca will be certified by Germanischen Lloyd (GL).

Georg Friedrichs, Head of Vattenfall's Offshore Division, said: "We are delighted to be signing yet another landmark contract for our DanTysk offshore wind farm project which we will be realising together with our partner Stadtwerke München. This occasion is all the more significant when you consider how limited the market is for suitable offshore wind farm installation ships. Pacific Orca, the vessel commissioned by Swire Blue Ocean to carry out the construction work, meets all our main requirements in terms of safety, efficiency and performance. That is why we decided to use this vessel to install the wind farm's 80 turbines. During negotiations and the installation vessel's design review, which included a tour of the South Korean shipyard where it will be built, we could see that the Swire Group was a very experienced company in the international offshore sector. The company already operates a large, high-performance fleet. The DanTysk project team in Hamburg is looking forward to working with our new partner, the Swire Blue Ocean shipping company in Denmark."

Lars Blicher, C.E.O and director of Swire Blue Ocean, said: "We are delighted to have won this project and are looking forward to working together with Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München. Our latest installation ship will set a new standard in the offshore industry in terms of complicated deep-water operations. Vattenfall has already raised the bar when it comes to offshore facilities with its ambitious green energy targets, which is why the company is an ideal partner for us. Along with Vattenfall's joint venture partner SWM, we too share a strong passion for promoting eco-friendly technologies."

Installation work on the wind turbines is due to begin in 2013. The Danish town of Esbjerg will the central port for the project. This is where the Pacific Orca will be loaded with the turbines and tower components which it will then transport to the DanTysk construction site, located just 70 kilometres off the island of Sylt. Vattenfall already has an operation headquarters in Esbjerg which runs and maintains over 900 turbines which are operated by the company in six European countries, both on land and at sea. This includes the Horns Rev I (160MW) offshore wind farm, located a short distance away just off the Danish coast.

For the realisation of this project, Vattenfall and SWM founded the DanTysk Offshore Wind GmbH joint venture of which Vattenfall owns 51 percent of the shares and SWM 49 percent. Vattenfall is responsible for the construction and operation of the wind farm. All logistical planning and operation tasks for the DanTysk project will be carried out in Hamburg.

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