23.12.2010 - Press Releases

DanTysk offshore wind farm reaches the next stage

Contract signed with substation supplier

Stockholm/Berlin/Munich - In 2012 Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) will start construction work on the DanTysk offshore wind farm  which will be located in the North Sea off the island of Sylt. A major milestone in this process will be the installation of the site's substation, a unit that will be delivered by a consortium of Strukton and Hollandia. Strukton/Hollandia has agreed to deliver and install a fully operational 155/33 kilovolt offshore substation; a supplier contract was signed on Wednesday 22 December 2010. Together with their cooperative partner, Seaway Heavy Lifting, Strukton/Hollandia will anchor the substation - built in the conventional and proven jacket/topside design - 26 metres deep into the sea floor at a location 70 kilometres west of the island of Sylt.  

This offshore substation will transport the power produced by DanTysk's 80 wind turbines to an HVDC converter station which forms part of the Sylwin Clusters' grid connection point. From here the power  will be transported to the mainland via an approx. 210-kilometre-long DC cable and on to the Büttel substation, where it will be fed into the German extra-high voltage grid. The substation will consist of three decks and, as it is located far from the coast, a helicopter landing pad as well as a petrol station.

"This contract marks another step along the way to realising Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München's ambitious offshore expansion targets", said Claus Wattendrup, DanTysk's Commercial Project Director. "After signing an agreement with Siemens for the procurement of 80 wind turbines operating at 3.6 megawatts , we are delighted that today we have managed to successfully secure another supplier. Strukton/Hollandia came out top in a European-wide call for tender by producing the most competitive concept. The consortium has a great deal of experience in the design, construction and installation of substations in open sea conditions. At present we are negotiating further contracts for the construction of foundations and inner-farm cabling. According to the current project timeline, the first turbines are scheduled to be commissioned in 2013; we expect the entire wind farm to be completed by winter 2013/2014."

DanTysk Offshore Wind GmbH is a joint venture between Vattenfall (51 percent) and SWM (49 percent). Vattenfall is responsible for the construction and operation of the wind farm. With a capacity of 288 megawatts , the wind farm will be able to produce enough green North Sea energy to supply up to 400,000 homes by 2013/2014. The overall investment sum amounts to over one billion euros.  

Wind energy is a key element in Vattenfall's mission to sustainably improve its CO2 emissions within the coming years and to gradually switch to 100% climate-neutral energy by 2050. Currently operating seven offshore wind farms, Vattenfall is the world's second largest producer of offshore wind energy.

SWM is one of the pioneers in terms of renewable energy growth. By 2025 this company aims to produce enough green energy from its own power plants to cover the entire energy needs of the city of Munich. To make this goal a reality, SWM has started to heavily invest in the expansion of renewable energy. The DanTysk wind farm is an important component of this strategy. Once completed, this project, along with other planned and realised projects, will enable SWM to produce roughly 2.4 billion kilowatt hours of green energy through its own facilities. This will mark a sevenfold increase in the company's green energy production. In total, SWM will be investing approximately 9 billion euros in renewable energy growth.

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