Top suppliers ensure high quality and secure technology

A challenging large-scale project such as DanTysk can only be realised together with the help of specialists. With their technical know-how and skill, they play a crucial role in turning blueprints into a smoothly running wind farm. Signing contracts with all of the five major suppliers, as well as the transition grid operator, was an important milestone for this project and meant that initial construction work on the various facility components could begin.

The following partners will make a significant contribution to the construction of the DanTysk offshore wind farm:

  • Siemens
    will provide 80, 3.6-megawatt wind turbines.

  • The joint venture Strukton/Hollandia
    will supply and install the 155/33 kilovolt substation.

  • The shipping company Swire Blue Ocean
    will transport and assemble the 80 wind turbines using the 'Pacific Osprey', one of the world's largest installation ships for offshore wind farms.

  • The joint venture Aarsleff Bilfinger Berger
    is responsible for the design, assembly and installation of the 80 monopile foundations.

  • TenneT
    will be the project's transmission system operator, ensuring the wind farm always stays connected to the grid (SylWin1).
  • Nobiskrug
    is responsible for the farms offshore accomodation platform, which is used by the service team.

  • Visser & Smit Marine Contracting

    is in charge of planning, delivering and laying of the 111 km long inner array cable as well as the pull-in of the cables into the 80 foundation of the wind turbines.